Some days are just better.

Indeed we must choose joy everyday but my, some days are just better.

In the same way, some days are just worse. After two of the latter days, waking up this morning in a ‘better’ day tasted like golden sunshine. Long before it would actually rise, the sun sat breathing, smoldering, glowing inside my ribcage.

Some days are just better.

It’s been a while since I’ve last written. I’ve forgotten what it feels like.

There’s some new constants in my life so I’ve allowed writing to fade into the background a bit–almost forgotten at times. But then something–out of nowhere–and suddenly my writer’s mind is pricked. So I suppose that’s why I’m here. Trying to rebuild–to rekindle this passion of mine.


To start, this update: about writing and where I’ve been and why this blog has been dormant.


new constants:

– coffee

– friends

– celebration

– Jesus


I’ll go into more depth soon. It may be a slow process; perhaps a bit of off and on in the beginning. But that’s okay.

Though this blog has been dormant for some time, my life and mind certainly have not been. I’ll catch up at some point…but for now, I’m celebrating this small accomplishment and working slowly towards my next one.

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Aaaaand… we’re off! Seattle here we come!

So technically this is not part of an official capsule, but it has a similar structure. Honestly, I just didn’t have time between work and school to compose a full Spring capsule before my trip to Seattle. But hey, after thrifting a couple new pieces and carrying over a few of my favorites from my Winter capsule, I had a rough version of a what you could call a ‘mini capsule’–just in time for packing for Seattle!

If you’ve been following me since the beginning of my capsule journey, you know that I was originally inspired by Caroline Rector over at Un-Fancy. She does this challenge every once and a while called 10×10. Essentially, you create 10 different outfits for 10 days, with only 10 pieces (not including accessories).  I decided since I don’t have an official capsule for either Spring or Summer yet, this challenge would be the perfect transition. And it also happens to be my packing list for what I’m bringing to Seattle :))

Seattle 10x10 | Sweater & a Pen | thredUP blouseVintage Silk Blouse | Seattle 10x10Polka Dot Silk Blouse | Sweater & a PenSeattle 10x10 | Spring Capsule-ishSeattle 10x10 | LeviTweed Skirt | Seattle 10x10Green Skirt | Spring Capsule-ishSalt Water Sandals | Spring Capsule | Sweater & a PenOxford Shoes | Sweater & a PenAnkle Booties | Sweater & a Pen Capsule

In a simple breakdown, my Seattle 10×10 Packing list is this:

4 tops

3 bottoms

3 shoes


A More Detailed Breakdown:

This first top is from thredUP and gosh, I just think it deserves all the heart-eye emojis 😍 I’ve been wearing it probably every other day since it came in the mail last week. Online thrifting stores? Whaaaat? Seriously, it’s amazing.

My second top you probably recognize–I styled it a couple different ways during my Winter capsule and my love for it has only grown over time.

The next top was one of the only things I’ve been able to come away with during the last three times I’ve been thrifting. It’s seriously the comfiest thing (100% silk), and that pattern–polka dots all the way! However, I’ve noticed the fabric is a lot more delicate that I initially thought and is already slightly pulling apart. It was only $2, and I’ll definitely get my use out of it in Seattle, but I’m a little bummed it won’t last as long as I’d hoped.

Okay, okay, yes. The next “top” is clearly actually a dress. But the stitching along the right side has come undone a little too much for my comfort to wear it as a dress, and I haven’t had time to sew it back up yet. So I’m pulling one of those ‘tuck it in and wear it as a top’ moves and categorizing it with the rest of my tops since that’s how I’ll be wearing it (at least until I can fix that stitching).

Is it just me or are jeans one of the worst clothing articles to photograph hanging up? Seriously, they look so baggy and unflattering… ew. I promise they look better when I’m wearing them… at least I hope they do… I’m just going to go ahead and say it: I hate jean shopping. Seriously. Jeans are the worst. I can never ever ever find a pair of jeans that fit me exactly how I want them to. Does anyone else struggle with that? Anyway, I got this pair a little while back and although they aren’t exactly perfect (because no pair of jeans ever is), I’m pretty happy with them. They aren’t jeggings–they’re real denim Levi’s, but they’re stretchy so you can just slip them on. And even though it looks kinda funky with tops tucked it, I kinda really love the no-button aspect of it.

This tweed mini skirt I’m borrowing from my mom. It has an urban feel to it–perfect for exploring downtown Seattle. The zipper is permanently caught in the back so it only zips up halfway, but there’s a clip at the top, and I might bring some safety pins and try to stealthily pin it the rest of the way closed (I feel like there’s a common theme of all my clothing articles having some sort of flaw like

This green skirt is probably familiar too. I got it specifically for my Winter capsule but I ended up wearing it so often that I just knew I would have to bring it over to my other capsules–or 10×10 in this case–and I don’t think I’ll regret it.

The ankle booties and oxford shoes were also part of my Winter capsule, so nothing new there. But those Salt Water sandals my friend got me for my birthday last year, I’ve been wanting to get out ever since I put them away last year. Weather in Seattle is supposed to be around mid-50s when I’m there, but we’ll see how I feel when I actually get there. I wanted to bring them just in case, so if I don’t end up wearing them it’s not a big deal. Summer will come soon enough in TC.


I also have extras (i.e. exercise clothes, tennis shoes, pajamas, camping clothes since we’ll be camping on the way out there) that are not a part of my official 10×10, but that I will be bringing with me.


So there you have it! My Seattle 10×10! I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to post outfits every day, but I’ll try to put together 10 different days worth of outfits while I’m out there so I can post them when I get back.


I’m super pumped, you guys! My packing list is starting to come together and our departure date is coming up SO fast. If you want more regular updates of my trip, I’ll be posting a lot more on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there! Also, I would love to hear from you. What do you think of my 10×10? What would you do differently?