About Me

About Me - Sarah // Sweater & a Pen


Whether you stumbled across my blog accidentally or you were searching for it–you are here now so I extend a jovial ‘welcome!’

I am Sarah

—the writer behind Sweater & a Pen. I aspire to one day be an author. But before you read any further, know this:

This blog– this is not a book.

At times, my words may be jumbled, unorganized, non-linear. Because these words are my thoughts and sometimes the pattern of my thoughts are a little messy, but they are my thoughts nonetheless. I wish to share them with you–if you’ll read them–to share this little corner of my busy mind which is filled with swirling thoughts about this world and these people we share it with; and more importantly, I’ll write of things beyond this world and my love for my savior Jesus Christ.

So you are here now.

What will you do with these words?