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Some days are just better. Indeed we must choose joy everyday but my, some days are just better. In the same way, some days are justView full post »

an update

It’s been a while since I’ve last written. I’ve forgotten what it feels like. There’s some new constants in myView full post »

the end of an era; the death of a blossom

oh how even the tragedy of death is romanticized by a roseView full post »

list of contentment pt. II

     days that are on the cusp of Spring      but feel irrevocably of a summer in my soul.      with bare feet and rosy cheeks and messyView full post »

an accumulation of scribbled thoughts

“you looked at me and caught my heart; and it will never be free.”     “The sky today is a white marbleView full post »

writer’s block

This blog has been silent for far too long on account of my writer’s block and I’ve grown tired of it. I’ve spent tooView full post »


scattered leaves, rustling in the uncommonly tepid November breeze, swirled and gathered at our toes. feet clad in soft velvety flats—notView full post »

“this summer there was..” // a poem

‘there was laughter like sunshine, bright and abundant. there was sandals, and beaches, and children triumphant due to freedom, andView full post »

list of contentment

…The less I have, the more content I tend to be. But the more I gain, the less content I seem to become… Why is it as humans,View full post »

strangers // to say ‘hello’

I wonder sometimes when I see people walking by.  When I see strangers. Who are they? What is their life? What are their hopes, dreams,View full post »