2017 Winter Capsule Wardrobe

2017 Winter Capsule Wardrobe | Sweater & a Pen

You guys–I’m finally hopping on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon.  I’m over the moon excited to try this out. Too often I would look at my crazy full wardrobe but would find absolutely nothing to wear, so I decided it was time for a change. I did some research on capsule wardrobes–I had heard a thing or two about them before–and that’s when I stumbled upon Un-Fancy. (If you don’t quite understand what a capsule wardrobe is or how it would work, read more about them here.) After doing some research, I decided I was ready to give it a shot.

You might be thinking, ‘Huh? How can you gain more outfits by cutting down on the clothes in your wardrobe?’

Actually, it’s makes a lot of sense. My old wardrobe was packed with clothes but I had nothing to wear. Why? Simply because I had too many clothes and not enough love for those clothes. And that’s the main difference. By having a smaller wardrobe full of clothes I absolutely love to wear, I have so much more to wear that I feel good about. Another thing was having a wardrobe of clothes that work together well with other pieces in my wardrobe, things I can mix and match and create several outfits from.

And so, with these ideas in mind, I set to work. I went through my entire wardrobe and saved only the clothes I absolutely adored. All the rest I bagged up to donate/take to my local consignment shop. In the end, I was left with 21 items. A few days later I found a few other pieces that I had been meaning to give away months ago(why?!), but after rediscovering my love for them, I rescued them and added them to my capsule. At this point, I still felt I was missing a few essentials that I would like to have. I made a list–very important! But that’s a different story that I’ll blog about later– and planned a thrifting day with a friend of mine. At the end of the day, I wound up with two nice tees, one cozy vest, a nice sweater, a skirt, and a pair of ankle booties for a grand total of $30 (I’m a major thrifter).

My Winter Capsule Wardrobe now consisting of 30 items, finally felt complete. **Keep in mind the thirty items do not include: loungewear/pajamas, exercise clothes, paint clothes, socks & underwear, accessories, or jewelry.**  So let’s break it down. I didn’t go into this with a specific number in my head for each category; my 30-piece Winter Capsule Wardrobe naturally fell into this:

11 tops

6 bottoms

6 outerwear

5 shoes

2 dresses

And I’m pretty happy with it.

So. That’s it. This is my Winter Capsule, and this is the experiment I’ll be working on through March. If things go well, I’ll begin my 2017 Spring Capsule Wardrobe in April. If you want to follow along on my capsule adventure (or start one yourself!), I’ll be posting everything here.
Thrifted Black Dress CoatThrifted Red Bubble CoatH&M Green Peacoat with Thrifted Combat BootsGreen Utility VestPlaid VestOrange CardiganCream Cowl-Neck SweaterModCloth Heels with Beyond Vintage Ruffle BlouseModCloth Feedback At It Sleeveless TopThrifted Brown BlouseThrifted Grey TeeOlive + Oak grey striped teeThrifted Striped Tee with Vintage Riding BootsStriped SweaterJBlack Turtle NeckThrifted Black TeeHigh-Waisted Light Blue JeansHigh-Waisted Black PantsThrifted Green Skirt with Oxford ShoesThrifted Brown SkirtModCloth Wool SkirtNavy Blue Lace Pencil SkirtBanana Republic Thrifted DressThrifted Ankle Booties with Striped DressOutwear:

thrifted black dress coat | thrifted red bubble coat | H&M green peacoat | green utility vest | thrifted plaid vest | long orange knit cardigan



thrifted cream cowl-neck sweater | Beyond Vintage ruffle blouse | ModCloth Feedback At It Sleeveless top | thrifted brown blouse | thrifted grey tee | Olive + Oak grey striped tee | H&M striped tee | striped sweater | j’adore sweater | black turtleneck | thrifted black tee



high-waisted light blue jeans | high-waisted black pants | thrifted green skirt | thrifted brown skirt | ModCloth burgundy skirt | thrifted blue lace pencil skirt



Banana Republic burgundy dress | thrifted striped dress



thrifted combat boots | ModCloth black t-strap heels | lace-up riding boots | thrifted oxfords shoes | thrifted ankle booties

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