winter capsule | effortless layers

layers + colors + effortlessness =

Effortless Winter Style | Sweater & a PenEffortless Layers | Sweater & a PenWinter Layers | Sweater & a Pen

This is one of those really amazing ‘looks really well-thought out and planned but really only took five minutes to just throw on and head out the door’ outfits and I really really love that about of it. Because, let’s be honest: everyone has those days, especially in the Wintertime, where you look in your closest and don’t even want to try putting together an outfit.

Most of the time, I’m all about dressing up in pretty skirts and dresses, but sometimes there are just those days, you know? Either you don’t have time, or you just don’t feel like it.

There were a lot of those days this Winter for me (it must be something about those dull grey skies). In fact, I’ve probably gotten way more use out of this outfit than any of the others I’ve posted.

And I love it. 

I love the layers and the colors and the effortlessness of it all. This was my go-to outfit during the Winter season when I couldn’t find anything else to wear. And the cool thing is, there are so many different variants of the same outfit. Because when you break it all down, it’s really just: winter hat, long-sleeve tee, cardigan, scarf, pants, and boots.

Also….shhh….but I am most definitely wearing my fuzzy socks underneath my boots. Because comfort is key, right? ;)

Winter Capsule | Layers | Sweater & a PenSweater & a Pen | Winter Capsule Layers

**special thanks to my mom for the photos <3