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I’m super happy to share my first outfit from my Winter Capsule. My best friend–also a writer–gifted me this vintage silk blouse a few weeks ago and I feel like I’ve been living in it ever since. It’s so pretty and feminine and basically feels like a dream. Plus, it looks just as good with jeans as it does with a skirt. You will probably see a lot more of this blouse in future posts as I can style it several different ways–making it a perfect piece in a capsule wardrobe. And it adds just the right light touch to my winter capsule. As for this skirt, I’ve had it for almost two years now. Fun story: I wore it for the first time for my sweet sixteen birthday party and that very day I was sitting next to the campfire and a piece of ash fell on my skirt and burned a hole through it–ugh! I was so disappointed. Even still, I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away because it was and still is my very favorite skirt. Thankfully the hole is small that it’s not very noticeable. But now the skirt is too loose on my waist (I had to pin it for these photos) so I’m wondering if it’s time to finally retire it??Winter Capsule WardrobeSweater & a Pen Fashion Blogger

I am over the moon excited to share these images. About a week ago, Cassandra Eldridge, a photographer/lifestyle blogger from Chicago contacted me. She was going to be up in Traverse City for a few days and wanted to get coffee and possibly do a collaboration. We scheduled a date and then this happened. You guys, she is seriously the sweetest person ever. She was so fun and easy to talk to; it felt like we had already been friends for a long time. Not to mention she is insanely talented with the camera, like seriously, stop reading and go check out her portfolio right now because she is AMAZING. It was such a fun opportunity to work with Cassandra and I definitely look forward to hanging out with her again soon <3

‘little bits of icy sun were drifting form the sky–snow that had fallen softly from the trees into the path of golden light were now dancing like jewels in the winter air. It was a lovely albeit unexpected sight, like a pretty silk blouse in the middle of winter. And it felt like a dream and the promise of spring–the contrast of sunlight and and snowflakes and how they danced together so.’

Cassandra Photo

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