days that are on the cusp of Spring

     but feel irrevocably of a summer in my soul.

     with bare feet and rosy cheeks and messy hair piled atop my head

     out of the way of the art I long to create

     with watercolors and scattered brushes

     and a milky swirling mixture of water and paint.

     and an idea blooming through the distracted edges of my mind

     and ebbing through my whole being

     that itches to create something tangible,

     something beautiful,

     something of this summer sentiment in my soul.

It’s been less than a month since I officially started my first ever capsule wardrobe. It’s a lot different than I expected. And a lot harder. Of course I knew it was going to be a challenge, but these last few weeks have just been super frustrating.  One of the biggest frustrations was how much I restricted my wardrobe, thus restricting my personal style. I had a specific number in mind so I researched and got my wardrobe down to the ‘essentials’. But the problem was, everybody else’s essentials weren’t necessarily my own. As a result, several pieces in my wardrobe I’ve worn only once (if at all). But I have learned. A lot. And through this, I’ve discovered what styles and colors are my favorites/go-to pieces.  View full post »

  • Kaylyn - Your hair is so perfect, and this post is perfection as well. <3 #inspiredReplyCancel

  • Karlie - The struggle is real with a capsule wardrobe! I attempted one a few years ago and I’d say it was a mixed success–helped me be more aware of what I was buying and whether I needed it. But, like you, I found that the pieces other people found important or a huge part of their style weren’t really part of my style. The outfit is cute!ReplyCancel

    • Sweater & a Pen - Yes, it is definitely a learning experience more than anything, although I think once I get all the details worked out this can be something amazing for me. Thank you so much <3ReplyCancel