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  • Andrea Grabowski - oh my goodness these pictures are stunning. you’re so pretty! i love your shoes, and that grungy old building you’re in…. where is that?! i sadly don’t have much advice on how to keep up with blogging but i sure would love to see more of your writing on here! ^_^ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks, Andrea! The photos were taken in Grand Rapids! <3ReplyCancel

  • Julia - It was so nice to see a blog post of yours in my email, your outfits are lovely. Looking forward to more writings and fashion posts this year!ReplyCancel

“you looked at me and caught my heart; and it will never be free.”



“The sky today is a white marble tombstone marking out the cemetery of skeleton trees standing eerily silent.”



“up, up, and away she went–into the midst of the storm. the rain soaked her skin and the wind pulled her hair; away she went to wonderland. as she fell–or perhaps she flew–the wondered where she’d ever land.”



“and while the world continues spinning, I am stuck in this moment.”



“her heart. 

as delicate and detailed as the paper wings of the butterfly perched daintily upon my finger.”




“come along darling, on an adventure. Let’s find those fairytales they always talk about and make our dreams come true.”



“and despite the prominent sunshine, it was raining in my mind..”



“I must admit, I love seeing that beautiful cityscape against the grey slate of clouds. there’s a certain aesthetic to viewing a city through the raindrops on your car window.”



“Is it raining there? it’s raining here and I thought of you.”



“she was the flower that bloomed suddenly in the ugliest corner of an abandoned garden–bringing with her the forgotten beauty that once was and the potential to become again–like the delicate kiss of Spring to the icy heart of Winter.”

This blog has been silent for far too long on account of my writer’s block and I’ve grown tired of it.

I’ve spent too long staring at an empty screen, imagining and reimagining the perfect way to share my thoughts.  I’ve started too many sentences only to scribble and scratch them out halfway through.


…but no more.


I’m going to write straight through this wall in my mind.  I’m not going to pause and reflect after each sentence; I’m not going to try to make these words pretty.  I’m just going to write.


In the words of Jane Austen:

     ‘I am not at all in a humor for writing; I must write on till I am.’


If I wait to post things on this blog until they are perfectly modified versions of my original thoughts, I will never have anything to post at all and these last few months of silence will just keep repeating themselves  until I forget what it means to be a true writer.  My thoughts will all begin collecting dust.  I do not yet know of what I shall continue to write on this blog, but I only know that by not writing, I am allowing to my writer’s block to win this battle.

and that… simply will not be tolerated.