scattered leaves, rustling in the uncommonly tepid November breeze, swirled and gathered at our toes. feet clad in soft velvety flats—not the typical choice for an autumn day in November, but then again… this wasn’t a typical autumn day. there was almost the hint of an Indian summer there, whispered like a rumor by the warmth of the sun. It had already snowed once a few days before, massive heavy flakes falling thick from the sky, but all evidence was gone come morning. but that was days ago. this was a new day, and a very good day. it was a sort of brown day, but a brown that had an underlying golden tone to it: besides the leaves, there was a coffee cup to be disposed of, empty but still slightly warm from the cinnamon tea latte purchased at the coffee shop around the corner. and earlier there had been deliciously warm bread and some of the best squash soup there ever was. there was also a well-loved book bag, filled with all kinds of curious items belonging to a girl in stripes—a girl with the name of the season which she was ever so fond of. and there were words that day too. lots and lots of words. for when two very good friends get together after months apart, there must be good conversation. all in all, ’twas a lovely autumnal day and a there was a lot to be thankful for

 ‘When people say my name at the end of a sentence,

it sounds awkward and forced–

like saying it is a mistake.

But the sound of my name on your mouth makes perfect sense to me.

It slips off your tongue effortlessly,

like it has belonged to you all along,

and it makes me feel

for the first time

that perhaps

my name has beauty to it after all.’

inspiration | home design


white walls. tons and tons of natural light. minimalistic style/decor. brass accents. indoor plants. stacks upon stacks of books. tidy work space. hardwood floors. picture frames that scatter the walls in no apparent pattern. a pretty space for my vinyl collection. old globes. pretty prints. striped bedsheets. wire bed frames. 


oh what a dream–what a beautiful dream.


*photos via pinterest–and more dreamy photos of home design inspiration. 

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