‘When people say my name at the end of a sentence,

it sounds awkward and forced–

like saying it is a mistake.

But the sound of my name on your mouth makes perfect sense to me.

It slips off your tongue effortlessly,

like it has belonged to you all along,

and it makes me feel

for the first time

that perhaps

my name has beauty to it after all.’

inspiration | home design


white walls. tons and tons of natural light. minimalistic style/decor. brass accents. indoor plants. stacks upon stacks of books. tidy work space. hardwood floors. picture frames that scatter the walls in no apparent pattern. a pretty space for my vinyl collection. old globes. pretty prints. striped bedsheets. wire bed frames. 


oh what a dream–what a beautiful dream.


*photos via pinterest–and more dreamy photos of home design inspiration. 

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…The less I have, the more content I tend to be.

But the more I gain, the less content I seem to become…

Why is it as humans, we have a tendency to praise God when we are blessed with a little, but once He blesses us abundantly, we often forget Him in the midst of all our blessings? We begin to worship the blessings rather than the One from whom the blessings come. It is sad how we are often needed to be broken before we turn to Him.

… So I will make an effort to praise Him regardless of calm or storm; to be content in every situation I am in. For I know my God, and I know he has a plan. Because sometimes, when everything is going smoothly, life tends to slip you by. You are too caught up in yourself, you don’t even appreciate the moments as the come.

So. You want to live? You want to really live?

… Then count your blessings.

And praise Him.

Today I am thankful for the little things:

-Patience: with me, with the world, with God.

-The Beatles on vinyl, repeating over and over until the lyrics are burned into my mind for the remainder of the day

-Quiet mornings when the only sound is the steady blowing of the fan and the sound of my pen scratching it’s way across paper.

-Sunshine spilling through the glass panes of our window and settling softly on this page upon which I am writing.

-New/Old clay pots gifted to me by my grandmother and sitting patiently on my bookshelf awaiting the next plant which shall make it’s home in itself.

-Exciting ideas that slowly find their way into your heart and nestle there for a while and just when you start to forget them, God brings people/things into your life that confirm everything.

would we still be strangers?I wonder sometimes when I see people walking by.  When I see strangers.

Who are they?
What is their life?
What are their hopes, dreams, goals, fears?
What is it that makes them so… them?
I wonder about their mysterious life—how their story is unfolding and what ways I am unconsciously related to this stranger.  I wonder where they go and why.  I wonder who is responsible for their tears and who is responsible for their smile.  I wonder if they feel loved on a daily basis or if the weight of simply living life on this earth is slowly becoming unbearable.  I wonder:  Where does this human being place their hope?  And is there any way I can change their life by the way I live mine?  Will a simple smile in passing make much of a difference?

And I wonder… do they wonder about me too?  Do they wonder where I’m from or where I’m going?  Do they wonder what I’m like and what I love?  Or do I just pass them by, an insignificant stranger, no different than all the others they pass by in their lifetime?  I wonder many things.

Surely I can’t be the only one—who imagines things—who makes stories up inside my mind?  Just think of all the stories belonging to each person; how dearly I wish to know them all—at least more than I know now.  The terrible, the wonderful, the beautiful, the ugly.  I want to know the story of each stranger I encounter.

And I wonder.  Would we still be strangers if either of us worked up the courage to say ‘hello’?


// 8.3.16

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  • Carol Stremlow - Sarah, that is amazing. Often when I fly, I look down and wonder the same things about all the people below. I fear for the ones who may be fearful, (usually makes me tear up) I wonder about the families and how they are living and if they know God, if they are happy or so sad. I think about all the people I don’t know and if ever our paths will cross. Someone I don’t know today may be a part of my life tomorrow?? And on and on I go wrapped up in imagination. You are a good writer and will be very inspiring to others. That may be how you will touch the lives of people you may never meet. Love you granddaughter!!ReplyCancel

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