God works in mysterious ways.  These last few days He has been stirring my heart– drawing me closer to Him in my moments of doubt.  I am imperfect.  But I am learning.

I often put too much faith in myself.

And not enough faith in Him.

But I know that my God can do great things.  Even when He stirs up my life, turns everything upside down; I am learning to trust Him.  And I am learning that more often than not, change is a good thing.


“I feel like everything we know is on the verge of changing into something amazing.”

– scribbled thoughts from a couple weeks ago.


It is true.  It feels as if the whole world is holding it’s breath before we tip into a transformation that will change everything.  But right now, I’m stuck in the in-between.  It feels like I am stationary while everything; everyone changes around me.  But I know that while I may not see it during the process, God is changing me too.  A few days ago, I wasn’t sure how I felt about all this change going on.  I wanted everything to stay the same.  I was comfortable where I was and I didn’t want anything to change.  But God knows better than we do.  So while everything may feel like it’s crashing down all around you in this storm of change, don’t cry or try desperately to hold onto the things which are not meant for you.  Instead, let it go.  And let God handle it.  I promise, He has it under control.


“Change is uncomfortable, foreign, and most definitely something outside of our comfort zones.

God uses change to shape us into who He has called us to be.  Imagine if nothing in your life ever changed.  How would you learn?  How would you grow?

Sometimes change means letting go of something you thought you’d hold onto forever.  It sometimes means hot, blurry tears, and impatience with God.  It sometimes means being angry with Him for a moment for allowing all this to happen to you.  But it also means in the midst of your frustration, remembering the undeniable, beautiful truth.  That out of all the changing things in the world today, our God will never change.  He is the same today, tomorrow, and always.

So sometimes change means losing everything you thought was safe and wonderful in exchange for the loving arms of our everlasting Father.  But what loss is that really?  No, it is gain!  It means taking a step in the dark and trusting that God will guide your steps and catch you when you fall.

Because God?  He has far greater plans for us than our comfort zones will allow.

Change is uncomfortable, and foreign, but most definitely so so worth it.”



In a way, I think it’s somewhat symbolic that my first post on my new blog should be about ‘change’.  Let me know what you all think of my new design!  Leave me a comment below.

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  • Andrea - The new design is lovely, so elegant and simple! And yes. Just yes. I have had a lot of similar thoughts this past spring and early summer. Reading this was encouraging for me as I am still adjusting to all the changes. So beautifully written. And I love your outfit and that peony!ReplyCancel

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“oh, but darling, the adventure is far from over.

think of all the places you’ve yet to go.”


I am not yet done gathering stories. There is so much more I’ve yet to see; so much more I’ve yet to do; so many stories I’ve yet to create.


I am so grateful to be home.

Home is an adventure in itself. I’m collecting pieces of a story here as well. True, these days are perhaps more mundane than those spent traveling the world and the unknown, but these moments and stories collected at home are so much dearer to me than any others. This is where my story began, and this will always be where my heart belongs.

All this being said, I will willingly go wherever God calls me and if it just to happens I might travel the world in the process, I’d be okay with that.

But for now, I’m only dreaming of a San Diego skyline.San Diego skylineSweater & a Pen | City Fashion

Sweater & a Pen | FashionCity Style | San DiegoStyle Blogger | Sweater & a PenDetails City FashionSan Diego FashionSan DiegoSan Diego skyline

dress | thrifted

boots | thrifted

necklace | Claire’s

Photography | Dan and Melissa

I’ve taken a short hiatus from blogging for these last couple months, but I’m glad to finally be back at it again! Our #6monthroadtripadventureandstuff has officially come to an end. Despite the April snow, I’m overjoyed to be back home. It feels oh so good to sleep in my own bed after several months in a tent! Now that we have regular internet access, I should be getting back into my routine of blogging so be sure to look forward to future posts–this creative mind of mine has some crazy ideas that I’ll share with you all soon! ;)

vintage postcard set




I promise I will post more from our trip once I have all the photos together and organized. Until then, enjoy this photo of these cute postcards. Over the last half year traveling across the country, we have visited many National Parks. Now I can display this vintage collection in our house, serving as a small reminder of all the memories made on this trip. It’s been a crazy adventure, and I’ll miss it a little, but there’s nothing quite like home sweet home.

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“There is a flower inside my heart. And it has finally bloomed. Can you see the petals peaking out from beneath the edges of my sleeves?”outfit | a flower in my heart | downtown Phoenix

ivy wall fashion photographyfashion photography

How lovely are these walls, overgrown with flowers and ivy? These darling backdrops are part of the beautiful scenery of downtown Phoenix. My eyes have seen the beauty of many cities, but I just adore walls like these. There is something whimsical in the way the ivy grows—almost like fingers reaching to the end of the wall. I’m frozen in time as cars transporting busy people pass me by. I stand amongst the vibrant red flowers—a flower blooming in my heart. It feels like a fairytale.

downtown Phoenix | Sweater & a Pen

a flower in my heart | Sweater & a PenSweater & a Pen | a flower in my heartSweater & a Pen | a flower in my heart | downtown Phoenixfall fashionSweater & a Pen | Fall FashionFashion detailsIvy Wall | Sweater & a PenIvy Ivy WalldetailsCity Fashion | Sweater & a PenCreative Fashion Photography**update on our #6monthroadtripadventureandstuff: California has been sweet to us. On the 14th we’re heading to Yosemite National Park. As you know, these photos were taken in Phoenix; I’m very slow on posting. Sorry! Follow me on Instagram (@sarahamber_) to see more regular updates of our trip!

Sweater & a Pen | Fashion Blogger

Style Blogger | Sweater & a Pen

Photography | Dan and Melissa

lace top; cardigan; skirt; heels | thrifted


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Today is a celebration.

January 27th.  This date has never been of significance to me.  But today… today marks the one year anniversary of this blog.  I can’t even begin to process the fact that I have already been blogging for one year.  There have been ups and downs, as is expected with anything in life.  Sometimes I’m simply not in the mood to dress up that day or have no inspiration for piecing an outfit together.  This trip is definitely an added difficulty to blogging.  The search for good wi-fi often ends in frustration and no wi-fi.  But despite it all, I am grateful that I began this blog one year ago.  By starting this blog, I’ve made many other blogger friends and grew creatively.  I learned so much more about fashion and my personal style.  This blog is my little piece of the internet where I can share my thoughts and document my everyday outfits.  I am amazingly blessed and thankful for the many followers of this blog.  Thank you to each and every one of you who follow my blog and comment frequently.  Your kind compliments do not go unnoticed.  I love to hear your thoughts.  So thank you to everyone who helps in the blogging process: my parents (the usual photographers for my posts), my brother and sister (who occasionally photograph), my wonderful aunt (another photographer), my dear friend Autumn (an encouragement and inspiration to this blog), my grandma (who often takes me on shopping trips), and everyone else.
dress upgirlSweater & a Pen | BlogiversaryBlogiversary | Sweater & a PenAs you can see, I’ve been a fashionista from near birth ;) Fashion is my passion and from an early age, I loved dressing up.  I’m so excited to see what comes from this next year of blogging: what will change and what will remain the same?

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