“There is a flower inside my heart. And it has finally bloomed. Can you see the petals peaking out from beneath the edges of my sleeves?”outfit | a flower in my heart | downtown Phoenix

ivy wall fashion photographyfashion photography

How lovely are these walls, overgrown with flowers and ivy? These darling backdrops are part of the beautiful scenery of downtown Phoenix. My eyes have seen the beauty of many cities, but I just adore walls like these. There is something whimsical in the way the ivy grows—almost like fingers reaching to the end of the wall. I’m frozen in time as cars transporting busy people pass me by. I stand amongst the vibrant red flowers—a flower blooming in my heart. It feels like a fairytale.

downtown Phoenix | Sweater & a Pen

a flower in my heart | Sweater & a PenSweater & a Pen | a flower in my heartSweater & a Pen | a flower in my heart | downtown Phoenixfall fashionSweater & a Pen | Fall FashionFashion detailsIvy Wall | Sweater & a PenIvy Ivy WalldetailsCity Fashion | Sweater & a PenCreative Fashion Photography**update on our #6monthroadtripadventureandstuff: California has been sweet to us. On the 14th we’re heading to Yosemite National Park. As you know, these photos were taken in Phoenix; I’m very slow on posting. Sorry! Follow me on Instagram (@sarahamber_) to see more regular updates of our trip!

Sweater & a Pen | Fashion Blogger

Style Blogger | Sweater & a Pen

Photography | Dan and Melissa

lace top; cardigan; skirt; heels | thrifted


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Today is a celebration.

January 27th.  This date has never been of significance to me.  But today… today marks the one year anniversary of this blog.  I can’t even begin to process the fact that I have already been blogging for one year.  There have been ups and downs, as is expected with anything in life.  Sometimes I’m simply not in the mood to dress up that day or have no inspiration for piecing an outfit together.  This trip is definitely an added difficulty to blogging.  The search for good wi-fi often ends in frustration and no wi-fi.  But despite it all, I am grateful that I began this blog one year ago.  By starting this blog, I’ve made many other blogger friends and grew creatively.  I learned so much more about fashion and my personal style.  This blog is my little piece of the internet where I can share my thoughts and document my everyday outfits.  I am amazingly blessed and thankful for the many followers of this blog.  Thank you to each and every one of you who follow my blog and comment frequently.  Your kind compliments do not go unnoticed.  I love to hear your thoughts.  So thank you to everyone who helps in the blogging process: my parents (the usual photographers for my posts), my brother and sister (who occasionally photograph), my wonderful aunt (another photographer), my dear friend Autumn (an encouragement and inspiration to this blog), my grandma (who often takes me on shopping trips), and everyone else.
dress upgirlSweater & a Pen | BlogiversaryBlogiversary | Sweater & a PenAs you can see, I’ve been a fashionista from near birth ;) Fashion is my passion and from an early age, I loved dressing up.  I’m so excited to see what comes from this next year of blogging: what will change and what will remain the same?

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I have a passion for writing–I am an aspiring author.

When I began this blog (almost a year ago), I had every intention of fulfilling the ‘Pen’ part. But so far, I have mainly been posting the ‘Sweater’ fashion posts. With the one year anniversary of this blog just around the corner, I’ve decided to make an extra effort to include some of my writing on here. So here’s to 2016; a year of notebooks and journals and scrap pieces of paper filled with endless amounts of messy handwritten thoughts and ideas.

pretty things

I think it’s important to take time every so often and recognize the pretty things that surround you in your everyday life. And sometimes you just need to snap a picture of those pretty things so you can remember them when life is givin’ you a not-so-pretty day.

natural light

I am forever grateful for big windows and white walls that reflect all the gorgeous natural light.

floral mattresses

This mattress is a beaut. I love all things floral. This mattress is an inspiration to the artist in me and it’s also reminiscent of the pretty designs at Rifle Paper Co.

Warby Parker glasses

Ever since I first started wearing glasses, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair. When I found these lovelies on Warby Parker, I fell in love.

Instax Mini

This camera is just the dreamiest little thing. I just bought some new film for it and I’m ecstatic to see what I should capture first. And with it’s color is so modernly aesthetic.

pocket notebooks

This little journal is quickly filling with short quotes and letters strung together to create pretty words and sentences.

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Sweater and & a Pen in ArizonaDid you know that prickly pear cacti grows natively in forty-five out of fifty states?  When I get home after this crazy 6-month adventure, I think I want to get one for myself so I can add it to my collection of succulents.  Cacti are pretty cool.  While we were in Phoenix we stayed in a beautiful campground complete with several saguaro cacti and other different cacti.

All in all, Arizona is a gorgeous state.  One of my favorite things about the state was the stunning sunsets.  Each night, the sky was on fire as the sun painted the horizon pink, purple, orange and red.  Never before have I seen such beautiful sunsets as I experienced during our stay in Arizona.  Besides the sunsets and sunrises, I fell in love with Arizona’s amazing mountains.  We took many scenic drives up into the mountains on windy, one lane roads on the cliff’s edge.  On one such drive, we came across the small town of Tortilla Flats where we enjoyed a small cup of over-priced yet very delicious prickly pear cactus ice cream.  It was on that same journey—later on that afternoon—that these photos were taken.  In contrast to my title, I would not actually suggest hugging a saguaro.  Cacti aren’t the friendliest and as we always said, ‘Everything in Arizona’s nature wants to hurt you.’  Still, the idea was fun, so of course I couldn’t pass up the chance to pose with a Saguaro.

**update on our #6monthroadtripadventureandstuff:  We will be in California for these next couple months.  These photos were taken several weeks ago when we were in Phoenix, but I’m just now getting around to posting them.  Follow me on Instagram (@sarahamber_ ) and through our hashtag for more regular updates on our trip!Sweater & a Pen | Fashion blogger

Sweater & a Pen | Fashion bloggerSweater & a Pen | Fashion BloggerSweater & a Pen | Fashion BloggerSweater & a Pen | Fashion BloggerSweater & a Pen | Fashion bloggerSweatere & a Pen | Fashion BloggerSweater & a Pen | Fashion BloggerSweater & a Pen | Fashion BloggerSweater & a Pen | Desert Fashion BloggerSweater & a Pen | Fashion bloggerSweater & a Pen | Fashion BloggerArizona DesertArizonaDesert Fashion Blogger | Sweater & a Pen Hug a Saguaro | Sweater & a Pen Desert landscape | Sweater & a PenArizona Desert | Sweater & a Pen Sweater & a Pen Saguaro | Sweater & a PenSweater & a Pen | SaguaroArizona desert Saguaro CactusChain Fruit Cholla SkeletonChain Fruit ChollaArizona Mountains


thrifted dress

thrifted scarf

old belt

old tights

thrifted boots | Plato’s Closet

Photography by Dan Clark

Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}

A fact about me: My favorite animal is a fox. (check out my other fox outfit post!). This purse was Christmas present from my lovely Grandmother, and I have been carrying it with me almost everywhere I go. I don’t care about convenience-sake, i.e. the fact that I can only (barely) fit my wallet and phone in it; I can make it work and it’s wonderful!

An update on my trip: We are in Phoenix now (although these photos were taken in Tucson). The desert has cooled off drastically. We woke up this morning to find frost on the outside of our tent. No worries, we’re keeping toasty in our 50 degree sleeping bags and electric blankets. Yeah, we’re pretty spoiled. I’ve only had to pull out my winter coat a couple of times. Tights are necessary with skirts and cardigans with blouses, but I don’t mind. It’s almost as if I have a prolonged Fall (which I am totally loving). These burgundy/red tights are becoming one of my most-worn pieces in my wardrobe. And I love that they match my cute little fox purse, how awesome is that?

**an updated update: The weather has actually warmed up some and I am totally enjoying the sun. It does not seem like Christmas without all the snow. But we created a Christmas “tree” out of garland and lights. It’s seriously so cute. Check it out on my Facebook page. I can’t believe that Christmas is only four days away! I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}

Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}Sweater & a Pen - Fashion Blogger {Tucson}


Dress | Plato’s Closet (Tucson)

old tights

Fox Purse | Relic

Boots | Plato’s Closet (Traverse City)

Photography by Grace and Melissa Clark

**edited by me

P.s. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep updated on our #6monthroadtripadventureandstuff!

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