cousin lovingSome of my favorite memories are those made with my cousins. Yesterday we were driving home from the mall in Cool Springs–a forty-five minute drive–while listening to music. Even in these small moments, it’s enough to appreciate just being together. From shopping at the mall, going to a bible study at church, having dance parties to 80’s music in the living room, watching Jane Eyre, sipping coffee, eating donuts, etc; etc–Each of these experiences will forever be remembered. Our visit is quickly coming to an end, so I am cherishing every moment with them.

I talk about my cousins all the time and I probably won’t ever stop. As a child, I felt the unfairness of being separated by a few states. But now with all our traveling that we love to do, I am blessed to see them several times a year. One of my favorite things about my cousins is that I can be truly, honestly myself. And they inspire me. Their sincere love for God and devotion to following Him is something I admire in them. It’s amazing to have cousins who I can grow in my faith with.

I love seeing other people’s styles–especially my cousins. I am spoiled that we can all share clothes. In these photos, Jenna is actually borrowing one of my favorite dresses. After getting all dressed up we had fun shopping and eating a “fancy” dinner. When I’m with my cousins we relish in dressing up and doing our makeup. We don’t even have to have a good reason. Oh, we’re out of groceries? We’ll wear these nice dresses to Kroger. Did you say you wanted to go to the park? Let’s get dressed up so we can go. Maybe it’s because we’re girls but we just enjoy picking out outfits and wearing them around. So when we got dressed up for this fun girl’s night out, I had to get a few pictures. Photos are basically memories, and I’m glad we had the chance to get these.
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P.s. Aren’t my cousins total babes? They should seriously be models.


Jenna Details

thrifted dress

Boots | Payless

Earrings | Claire’s

Sarah Details

Dress | TJ Maxx

Heels | ModCloth

Kaylyn Details

Dress | Ross

thrifted jacket

old tights

Boots | Target

Photography by me, Kaylyn and Dan Clark

vintage 50s inspiredSweater and a PenI have often talked about my cousins in my blogposts and even shared some pictures of our adventures together. See THIS post for our fun in July. And click HERE to see us dressed up for a formal in April. Basically, my two oldest cousins–Kaylyn (17) and Jenna (14) are more like sisters to me. We have so many memories and I’m sure a ton more to come. Columbia, Tennessee is one of my favorite places because it consists of some of my favorite people. Both of our families are quite large so with a combined total of 16 people in one house during our visit, it may seem stressful. But in truth, I love it. My cousins are very dear to my heart and I’m grateful for every opportunity we have together. Kaylyn, Jenna and I have been spending a lot of time together hanging out and as you would assume of typical teenage girls–we love dressing up.

Jenna and I decided to do a 50’s inspired look on Sunday for church. Our big skirts, curly hair and makeup are similar to the style of that period. My top is actually a very short dress that I decided to pair with this mint skirt. Both Jenna’s and my dress have pockets! We coordinated with the pearls but did our makeup differently.

P.s. I bought a 5os sewing pattern so I’m hoping to eventually make a dress some day! Fashion BloggerStyle BloggerSweater & a Pen50s inspiredfashionLace and Pearls50s inspired fashion50s fashionSweater and a Pen 5050s inspired Sweater and a PenMarilyn Monroe InspiredFashion babesJenna on Sweater and PenVintage50s inspired photoshoot50s inspired vintage photoshootcousins laughing50s

Jenna Details

Dress | TJ Maxx

Heels | Payless

pearls borrowed from grandma

Sarah Details

Lace Dress/blouse | Plato’s Closet (Memphis)

Pearl Necklace | Claire’s

Mint Skirt | Plato’s Closet (Traverse City)

Heels | ModCloth

Photography by me and my cousin Kaylyn

*edited by me*

Memphis TennesseeTamp & TapCoffee ShopLatte

Over the years, I have grown to love coffee shops. It was fun to wander around downtown Memphis looking for different ones and writing down our favorites for when we visit again. My dad loves coffee–he drinks it black and I typically drink it the same. Still, I like to try new things and I can’t believe I’ve never had a mocha latte. I loved it. But java aside, I just love coffee shops. Maybe its the aesthetic décor, or the quiet atmosphere or the smell of fresh pastries. Whatever the reason, they are steadily becoming my favorite place. How cool would it be to own your very own coffee shop?
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Skirt & Blouse | Plato’s Closet

Tights | Target

Shoes | Payless

Photography  by me and Dan and Melissa

**photos edited by me**

string bulbsberriesred berries

For all the traveling I have done in my life, I can’t believe I have never been to Florida before this trip. My sister’s birthday wish was to see a manatee (and have an ice cream cake) and so we planned to stay in Florida for three weeks and see what we could find. We stayed in State Parks, within walking distance of the Ocean. We camped on St. George Island on Grace’s birthday and somehow we managed to find a small ice cream cake at a local store in a small town a little ways away from the campsite. The morning of Grace’s birthday, we woke before sunrise and went to the beach to look for shells. Overall I found three sand dollars.

Florida is hot. And humid. With my long, thick hair that coating the back of my neck like a blanket, I did my best to find an outfit that would give me somewhat of a relief from the heat if a sudden breeze came along. During our stay I basically lived in my bathing suit, but if we ever had to go into town this pretty dress was my go-to outfit. I’m not even embarrassed to say that I wore it for almost an entire week. It’s a great summer dress but can also be paired with tights and a cardigan for a cute autumn outfit.

Anyway, we ended up leaving Florida after only a few days–the mosquitos became almost unbearable when you weren’t near the water. Although it was beautiful and I’m glad I got to experience Florida, I’m happy that we left when we did. Mosquitos are not nice. Now we’re back in Tennessee visiting family. treesFlorida FashionFlorida StyleFlorida TreesBeach grasswindy beach grassbeachstormy cloudsstormy beachwhite crabsand dollarwaveslighthouseSaint George Light HouseSt George Lighthouse Ice cream signI love ice creamice cream shoppefashionbird dressstyle bloggerfashion blogsummer fashionI love ice cream!ice cream picnic tablebeach styleFlorida beach

Dress | Plato’s Closet

Photography by my (now) 10-year old sister Grace, myself and Melissa Clark

Florida sunsetbeach sunsetbeach grass sunsetsunset cloudspalm treescloudsFlorida sunrise

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I apologize for the lack of posts lately; wifi is hard to come by when you’re traveling and camping. However, for the next week or two I have access to internet which means I’ll be posting more often! I have tons of photos to share from the first part of our trip. We are in Columbia, Tennessee (near Nashville) now but we started our journey in Memphis.

We stayed with my dad’s brother and family while we were there. It rained for the majority of our time spent there so when we had two full days of sunshine, we took advantage of them and went exploring downtown Memphis. I have always loved cities and so it was no surprise that I was taken with Memphis and all that makes the city so unique. Memphis is known for a lot of things including their incredible barbecue–which of course we had to try. After that we walked around and discovered the amazing history of Memphis. We walked past the Lorraine Motel and saw the balcony where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. I recognized the balcony at once, but I had forgotten that the tragic event that I had learned of had taken place in Memphis.

We went around and I took all the chances I could to photograph the pretty architecture and city life. We ate some barbecue, grabbed some lunch from food trucks, visited some coffee shops, rode in a trolley, played in the park, etc. Eventually, my camera’s memory card filled up and I had to resort to using my phone camera to capture the rest of the day’s adventures.


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antique doorstyle blogfashion blogfashion blogger Sweater & a Pendowntown MemphisSweater & a Pen fashion bloggerSweater & a Pen style bloggerstyle bloggerShirt & Chevron Shorts | Plato’s Closet

Flats | Payless

Cardigan & Tights | Target

Photography by me and Dan and Melissa

**edited by me**
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