an update

It’s been a while since I’ve last written. I’ve forgotten what it feels like.

There’s some new constants in my life so I’ve allowed writing to fade into the background a bit–almost forgotten at times. But then something–out of nowhere–and suddenly my writer’s mind is pricked. So I suppose that’s why I’m here. Trying to rebuild–to rekindle this passion of mine.


To start, this update: about writing and where I’ve been and why this blog has been dormant.


new constants:

– coffee

– friends

– celebration

– Jesus


I’ll go into more depth soon. It may be a slow process; perhaps a bit of off and on in the beginning.┬áBut that’s okay.

Though this blog has been dormant for some time, my life and mind certainly have not been. I’ll catch up at some point…but for now, I’m celebrating this small accomplishment and working slowly towards my next one.

  • Andrea Grabowski - Yay posting! I am so excited for you and one of those new constants…i.e. lots of coffee. I hope to come visit there soon. :)ReplyCancel